Neil Jacobson

Senior Associate | Architectural Technologist AIBC, LEED® AP

Meet Neil Jacobson, our Senior Associate and technical expert who has been an integral part of our architectural firm since May 2010. With a passion for problem-solving and a focus on the technical side of architecture, Neil brings a unique perspective to every project he works on. His dedication to his work is evident in his love for seeing months and even years of hard work result in a completed building.

Neil is always looking for opportunities to improve on past work, which has been evident in the over 100 projects he has worked on during his time with us. His ability to balance seriousness with a good sense of humor makes him a pleasure to work with, and his positive attitude is infectious.

Outside of work, Neil enjoys woodworking and golf, which speaks to his attention to detail and love for precision. He is also a proud family man with a wife and two daughters. With Neil on our team, we know that every project is in the best possible hands.