May 4, 2021

At WA Architects, it’s been what we call “business as unusual”. We have been fortunate to have staff busy and continuing to do what we love. While we’ve been at home, we’ve stayed connected by maintaining our Friday staff socials (virtually, of course) and getting started with new chat venues like Microsoft Teams.

With an office return for some staff underway, the safety of our team is our top priority. We’re implementing new guidelines for office work that will keep us safely distanced, but bring us back together. Slowly but surely, we hope to have our team back in our space through our phased plan. To start, WA staff’s return is their decision, as we understand that not everyone will feel comfortable returning at this time. We want to make it known that the comfort of them and their loved ones comes first. For those returning, staff will rotate through the office in groups where they will all be the appropriate distance apart per government guidelines. We will have protective and sanitizing equipment on hand, and distancing markers in our common areas such as the lunch room and front lobby. We will have special signage in every room listing all of the safest practices for each part of the office.



At this time, we ask our clients and visitors to please remain at home or at their respective offices as for yours’ and our staff’s safety. We will continue to host all meetings virtually.

As the tight-knit team that we are, we look forward to seeing everyone again face-to-face.



With new health orders in place until May Long Weekend, WA Architects Ltd. has implemented the following measures:

  • Staff who were working at home remain at home.
  • Staff are required to declare when they are coming into the office ahead of time to plan our spacing/distancing.
  • Staff are required to declare through our Staff Schedule mentioned above that they are symptom-free prior to entering the office.
  • Masks are mandatory in all common areas such as board rooms, kitchen, printer etc.
  • Sanitizing is still happening twice daily.
  • Health & Safety Committee meets once per week to evaluate and update policies when necessary.
  • We have purchased multiple Surgically Clean Air Jade Air Purifiers to clean all viruses from the air every 20 minutes.