Building Information
Modelling (BIM)

WA Standards

At WA Architects, we use current technology to achieve incredible levels of design and production. We have developed customized BIM standards and templates to streamline production.


Our BIM method is applied early in the project once the design phase has been approved. We initiate the design concept of most projects with both AutoCAD and SketchUp and move to Revit for design development through construction. Our goal is to streamline the design, design development and working drawing process using Revit and add-on programs throughout the entire process.


Using other software, such as Navisworks, we perform clash detection reports to inform our consultants, many of whom have also created Revit models which are linked with our building, site, and survey models.


We utilize Revit for complex door, window, and room schedules using our customized Revit families which are programed with the data we require. We provide Revit study renderings to our clients to review the ongoing design throughout the evolution of the project design.

Team Structures

Any size project in Revit can be achieved since all studio staff, old and new, are trained to use the program. Revit files are shared throughout large teams, including between both our Vancouver and Victoria offices using our central-file approach. Every design team has at least one advanced user: a model-keeper who helps the other users on their team and maintains the project models alongside the BIM Manager.


We believe in giving our users all the tools they need, so we have our entire Revit library of families shared on our Revit servers. We also supply our users with fully developed templates for different project/ construction types.


When it comes to training, we have our own in-house BIM Manager and Trainer using our custom syllabus. Our training has been approved by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia, and our office is a certified Registered Education Provider training centre. All of our AIBC registered Architects and Intern Architects receive learning units while they train in our office.

What does it take to be the best?

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